Products Like Olaplex: 9 Best Alternatives You can Use [That Works]

Best Products like Olaplex alternatives
Most of us have experience the wonders of Olaplex in hair salons but we also don’t know that there are products like Olaplex that are affordable and we can use them in our homes to get the same results. You no longer need to spend huge amount of money just to maintain your hair. You can actually maintain your hair by yourself at home with any of these products like Olaplex. 
But before we talk about these incredible alternatives to Olaplex which you can use at home, let’s know what Olaplex is and what the alternatives to Olaplex can do to your hair. 

What Does Olaplex do?

What you need to know about Olaplex
Olaplex isn’t just any hair conditioner that makes your hair smooth and glow but a system that rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair. 
Olaplex is best for damaged hair caused by years of chemical treatment. It rebuilds the strength, structure and integrity of your hair strands. 
Olaplex has been a thorough, game-changing products for colourists as it lets them to go between light and dark colours without damaging the health and thickness of the hair. 
Olaplex is best used during colour treatment and not after it. For post-dyed dry hair, it can assist in strengthening the bonds that are usually broken during the colouring process. Thus assisting in stopping breakage and post-coloured hair that has candyfloss texture. 
You can only find Olaplex in salons. Most Olaplex products online are fake and will only damage your hair. 
Without further ado, here are the products like Olaplex available in the market today. 

Ion Color Brilliance Absolute Perfection Booster

Best Ion Color Brilliance Absolute Perfection Booster

The Ion Color Brilliance Booster is an affordable product that costs only $7 and a good Olaplex alternative. If you just do a quick search on YouTube and type Olaplex alternative or Olaplex dupe you will see that this product is a top recommended product. 
The Ion Color Brilliance Booster is not really a professional bonding agent but it is a good product and people who have used it can swear by it. 
If you don’t want to spend huge amount money on a product like Olaplex, this product is probably the best to start with. 

Bond Angel Plex Effect Bond multiplier

Trusted Bond Angel Plex Effect Bond multiplier
The Bond Angel was created to assist those who needed a more intense and healthy care for blondes. This product protects and prevents damage of the hair. 
This alternative to Olaplex can be used during heat, colouring, and during mechanical applications. It is one of the best if not the best-selling bond reconstruction product in Brazil. 
This product like Olaplex has the ability to multiply and protect the hair bonds while making sure that the blonde colour is bold and vibrant and also strong and healthy. 
This product can be used with other bleaching, colouring, straightening and keratin. There are 2 steps to this product;
  • Chemical Protector
  • Post-Chemical rebuilder
Whether or not you have bleached your hair, you can use this product on a consistent basis in a similar way as you use a hair mask. 

Schwarzkopf Fibreplex bond Enforcing System

Best Schwarzkopf Fibreplex bond Enforcing System
Fibreplex can be used while undergoing colour treatments. This product like Olaplex can prevent up to 94% of hair breakage and leaves the hair fibres in their best condition. 
This system has three different steps like Olaplex and they include:
  • The Bond Booster
  • The Bond Sealer
  • The Bond Maintainer.
The Bond Booster can be used during the colouring process. When added to the colouring system, the additive merges with the hair fibres and creates a strong bond which reduces the amount of breakage. 
The Bond Sealer protects the outer surface of the hair and keeps it shiny. While the Bond Maintainer can be used twice a week at home in order to protect the hair from damaging. 
This product like Olaplex is ideal if you already use Schwarzkopf’s colourants as their formula is created to maintain the PH level of hair that has been coloured with their products. 

L’Oreal Professionnel Smartbond

L’Oreal Professionnel Smartbond
For some years Olaplex has been battling against L’Oreal because their Smartbond formula is nearly identical to the Olaplex formula. The English courts have ruled that Smartbond has violated their patent so it is better to get this product quickly before it gets remove as an alternative to Olaplex. 
The two step progress works in collaboration with L’Oreal’s colour products and protects the hair from damage. This product kit is made up of an additive to put colour mix. 
The additive is the bond that protects and strengthens the hair during the colouring and also acts as a pre-shampoo that should be applied after rinsing the colour. 
The only difference between the Smartbond system and Olaplex is that the Smartbond system malic acid absorbs into the hair during the chemical process and acts as a lubricant between protein chains to gives the hair more elasticity while the Olaplex formula reacts directly with broken bonds. 
The only disadvantage to this product is that it’s sales have been legally restricted and it can be difficult to get your hands on it. If you eventually find it, it can be really expensive. 

Matrix BOND ULTIM8 Bond Protecting System

Matrix BOND ULTIM8 Bond Protecting System
The Matrix Bond product offers 8 benefits that prevents the hair from breaking during chemical hair processes and intends to offer a more durable protection to the hair. 
The formula uses active ingredients that shield the hair by tapping damaging lightener residues. The kit provides a 3 step system that can last up to 35 applications. The Bond Ultim8 reduces breakage by 70%. 
The kit comes with an amplifier which is taken through a professional syringe that should be added into the bleach product. 
This product also comes with a deep conditioning mask treatment with objective to seal in the amplifier for long term protection. 
The Matrix Bond Ultim8 Bond protecting system also provides a sealing treatment that can be used at home to add nourishment to your hair. The sealer is a conditioner type product that should be used once a week before washing the hair. 

Redken pH-Bonder

Very Good Product You can Trust
This alternative to Olaplex from Redken offers a synergistic system that bonds hair during and after colouring. Their PH Bonder uses a team of hairdressers and 100 years of scientific expertise to formulate their hair care product. 
The bonder main aim is to protect bonds during the process and keep fibres strong from the inside out. The bonder also helps smooth the hair’s cuticles which will enhance strength, makes the strands softer and encourages shine. 
The kit also has a home remedy that will help your hair’s PH after the treatment. You should use their maintenance products once a week before shampooing and also with other Redken haircare products. 

ONC QUINOAPLEX R3 Rapid hair Renewal Formula

One of The most Popular Product you can use
Quinoaplex is another alternative to Olaplex that is formed from the high protein quinoa also called mother of all grains. Quinoa protein is the same to hair protein and when it is used between shampoo and conditioner it revitalizes damaged hair. 
This product like Olaplex is shown to reduce damage by about 32% and gives the hair about 51% smoother and shinier appearance. The quinoa protein is formed from small molecules that fit into the hair’s particles and makes it appear thicker and fuller. 
The formula is in a single bottle. It is a one-step product that will restore the health of your hair, leaving it with shiny renewed locks.
This product is best used before colouring or bleaching in order to protect the hair from being damaged. This product will also help hair to hold colour better. 

B3 Brazilian Bond Builder

This product like Olaplex can be mixed with colour formulations to reduce hair damage. The B3 Brazilian bond builder aims at letting people to break colour boundaries and having creative freedom while enhancing the structural integrity of hells cells. 
It is a one-step system that reattaches and builds up the bonds that keep hair looking healthier by preventing the loss of cuticle cells.  The advanced technology of this product will enhance the general look of the hair, reduce hair breakage, and helping the hair retain the colour. 
This Olaplex alternative can be used with heat and by people with perms. It is available in salons and you can also use it as a home treatment. This product can hardly be seen in salons outside Brazil but can be ordered from Amazon to use at home. 

powerBOND Professional Strength Hair Plex Technology by Active Hair

powerBOND Professional Strength Hair Plex Technology by Active Hair and this Product can get across the world.
This product is made to preserve and restore the integrity of chemically treated hair. It is claimed to have the ability to go into the hair shaft and repair internal keratin bonds. It flattens the cuticle to prevent more damage to the hair. 
This Olaplex alternative protects your hair from getting damaged during colouring and other chemical treatments. 
It helps reduce breakage causes by chemical processing and leaves the hair feeling soft, healthy and shiny after lightening and colouring services. 
This product can be added to a mixed bleach powder depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. You can also add this product to your conditioner, hair mask, or hair water mist for to continue maintenance of the hair.


All of these products like Olaplex can be applied by professional colourist in the salon or by you at home. 

 You can select any of these alternatives to Olaplex. They are affordable and can be easily used to maintain your hair. 


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