About Products Like

Products Like is on a Mission to showcase an give you Choice, Option and Alternations to the Products you know and already use

Sometimes a certain Company's Product might be ripping you Off your Hard Earned Money and you on the other hand not knowing other Products like that won't have a Problem, believing that it's a fare Deal

We expose instances in your day to day Shopping and present to you alternatives Products like the ones you currently use

5 Reasons Why you should know Products like the one you currently use

1. Cost

What if you are introduced to a Product that offers same features or features way more than what the current Product you are using is offering?

Would you not consider a switch and switch to the less Expensive Product? Sure you would, so that is the #1 Reason why we are here

And we achieve this by researching and Curating Products across the Globe, from Top Brands to New Startup Brands down to Every Categories and Niches.

2. Lack of Features

Are you currently using a Product that has less Features as compared to what you would have wanted, and maybe this Product is charging way higher than you Bargained for?

We can always get you an alternative that covers your Every need and at the same time Affordable

3. Lack of Customer Support

After Sales Support is very Crucial to the Fulfillment and Benefit you derive from any Product you bought that demands such

But in a case where the Company is so focused on selling more to new and existing Customers without taking care of the needs of existing Customers as part of their Support

This is more than enough reason to switch, I had this same experience with Godaddy, after hosting with them for almost 7 years, they starting messing up with their so called "World Class Support" and Fortunately for me there was a Alternative which was the Blessed Siteground

Truth be told, Siteground has been of great help to me over the years ever since I switched over to them from Godaddy, they are rated 10 Stars, 5/5 or in whatever way you want to rate them when it comes to Customer Support and their Product hasn't failed me for once

I Built a Solution that needed PHP 7 on Godaddy and I reached out to them they said I couldn't get that except I pay for a Dedicated Server

Whereas even on some shared Host Servers I use on Siteground, I have PHP up to the latest version and can switch to any at will

4. Mediocre Products

Some Company's Products are Wacky and needs a quick switch but most times you tend not to know about Alternatives and Products Like them

We help you source out for Alternatives of these Wacky Products with detailed Specifications and Customer Reviews

5. Delays and Un-professionalism

Delays and Un-Professionalism can be very dangerous and disastrous

These and many more reasons brings the need for an alternative Product and that is where Productslike.co comes in

Products Categorization (Sitemap)

We curate Products in these Order;

1. FREE Products

These are Free Alternatives to the current Product that you are currently paying for, we go as far as analyzing the two of them thereby allowing you to decide if still sticking with the paid one or switching to the Paid one is worth it

2. Compare (Product Comparison)

3. New Products 

4. Used Products

5. Products Review

6. Cheap Products

7. Best Products

8. Products For Sale

9. Products you could Buy

10. Products Q&A

11. Top #10

These are all done in considerations to their Brands, which brings us to the Brand section of our Organization


1. Google 

2. Amazon

3. Juul

4. BLU

And lots more...